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Waterbac 250g

Waterbac 250g

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Waterbac works by using the digestive power of a single family of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria feed on phosphorous, nitrogen, nitrates, ammonia, and decomposing organic matter such as fallen leaves and grass cuttings. These nutrients can lead to the formation of algae.
By reducing these unwanted nutrients commonly found in water bodies, the natural balance in the water is restored. Stop the cycle of chemical dependency and begin building a healthier, balanced ecosystem - human, pet, fish, stock and wildlife-friendly too!

Waterbac is suitable for use in
• Golf courses and water hazards
• Water features and fountains
• Stock Troughs
• Ponds, Dams

What is Waterbac?
Waterbac is a fine, black powder comprising activated charcoal and Bacillus subtilis. And being a totally natural product, it is non-hazardous.

How do I use Waterbac?
Waterbac is supplied in water disposable bags - just toss in the correct amount into the body of water.

How soon will it work?
For first time treatments, a result is typically seen within 3-4 days.

How often do I need to apply?
After the initial dose maintenance treatments can be applied every two weeks if desired to maintain clear conditions.

What will the Waterbac look like when it is working?
Expect a black cloud in the water for up to 36 hours as Waterbac goes to work. The product will float up to the water surface then begin to distribute evenly throughout the water, ensuring that your water turns green to clean.

Is there anything that will harm Waterbac?
Waterbac is sensitive to pH and temperature. It works best between pH 6 – 8.5 and temperature 12 - 38°C. Outside these limits, Waterbac will take longer to work. The presence of pesticides/chlorine/copper sulphate will also significantly affect the product and may result in poor results.

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