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Choosing the Perfect Water Feature For Your Home

Over 300+ Water Feature & Fountain designs, from tabletop features to courtyard centrepieces. Our high-quality selection and affordable prices of Water Features means that you will find the perfect Fountain within your budget.

Buying the perfect water feature for your home can be confusing and stressful, so let Fountains Galore help you with our professional advice. Choosing the right water feature for your garden or outdoor space comes down to 4 simple principles: Style, Size, Installation, and Maintenance.

Water Feature Style:
Are you looking for a classical tiered fountain made from concrete or cast-iron? Or are you looking for something more contemporary and lightweight? Whether you prefer the classical elegance of a tiered fountain, or a modern lightweight design, defining your style preference will streamline your buying process.

Water Feature Size:
After deciding on the style of your fountain, the next important step is to define the space you're planning it for. We recommend measuring the planned space and comparing it against the fountain dimensions. If you're not sure of the dimensions of a product, please call or email and our professional team will help.

Water Feature Installation:
Did you know your water feature DOESN'T need a water supply? This is most common misconception about water fountains. Our water features are self-contained units that constantly recycle the water that you fill it with, meaning no water supply necessary!

Our water features are simple to install, just connect the pump to the tubing inside the feature, connect to power, and voila!

It's important that your fountain is installed correctly to prevent any future problems. If you have decided on a feature made from cast iron or concrete, please ensure you have a solid level surface, as some ponds will crack if placed on dirt or grass.

If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact our professional team for help.

Water Feature Maintenance:
Understanding what maintenance is involved for your water feature will give you the full picture of what it's like to own a fountain. If your fountain is made from a delicate material like Polyresin or Fibreglass, please give it a coat of clear spray every 6 months to prevent flaking and colour fading.

Algae: Algae will grow with the following conditions:
Sunlight, Nutrients, Warm Temperature, and Stagnant Water. There are preventative products on the market like PondMAX 3 in 1 Pond Solution 500ml that will assist in keeping algae to a minimum. Running your water feature regularly is the best way of keeping your water clear.

Cleaning: Removing debris from your water feature will keep your fountain and pump going for longer. If you decide to routinely clean your fountain, we recommend removing the pump and cleaning the filter inside of the pump. This way you won't be introducing back any algae or debris you were trying to get rid of.