Three Tier Square Bowl Cascade Fountain – Large

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Three Tier Square Bowl Cascade Fountain – Large

A large "stepping-stone" fountain, featuring three tiers of water flow down each level of the feature. This feature has some flexibility in placement as the pieces are not locked into a pond. Available in three colours and two sizes.

  • Bowl 1 - Total Height: 125cm, Width: 87cm, Spout: 28cm
    Pedestal - Height: 100cm
  • Bowl 2 - Total Height: 97cm, Width: 78cm, Spout: 25cm
    Pedestal - Height: 80cm
  • Bowl 3 - Total Height: 69cm, Width: 70cm, Spout: 23cm
    Pedestal - Height: 60cm
  • Pond - Height: 45cm, Width: 70cm
  • Pump - 4000L

Please note when ordering: Depending on availability of fountains, there may be a delay of 4-8 weeks. Please contact us to confirm availability before purchase if your order is time sensitive.

Manufacturer's Note: The Rust colour may vary due to weather conditions when made. There may be variations in the colour as we cannot guarantee the exact colour posted on the website.

Installation Note: $355 plus GST, 2 people required to install this feature. *VICTORIA ONLY*