Reefe Solar Fountain Pump Kit

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Reefe Solar Fountain Pump Kit

World-class solar technology is combined with high quality brushless pumps, to produce this great range. Manufactured to our design and quality requirements with superior technology solar panels for high performance and durability. These fountain kits have all the parts you need included, to suit most applications.* The “ Max Head” measurement is the maximum lift height in full sun. They also feature run-dry protection. Full 2 year replacement warranty. These pumps operate with direct sunlight on the solar panel only, shade or cloud may cause them to stop. *RSF2500 does not have the fountain nozzles included.

***Threaded outlet on the RSF2500 is a NON-STANDARD thread which is not compatible with BSP

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**Due to OHS concerns, we can only deliver to your driveway. We advise you to arrange for some people to help you move and install the water features.