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Infinity Fountain - Medium

Infinity Fountain - Medium

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Infinity Fountain - Medium

Our Infinity Fountain is our most popular water feature we've ever stocked, now in a new smaller size! These fountains move fast, so be quick or there may be a delay while we order more! Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, this fountain is easy to maintain and looks amazing. Perfection!


  • Height – 85cm
  • Width – 120cm
  • Depth – 50cm
  • Pump – 2300L
  • Water Volume – 150 Litres
  • Pallet Dimensions – D125 X W117 X H80 X 260KG

Please contact us for more information.

Please note when ordering: Depending on availability of fountains, there may be a delay of 4-8 weeks. Please contact us to confirm availability before purchase if your order is time sensitive.

Manufacturer's Note: The Rust colour may vary due to weather conditions when made. There may be variations in the colour as we cannot guarantee the exact colour posted on the website.

Installation details (optional):

MELBOURNE METRO ONLY - If you are outside Melbourne Metro, contact us for pricing. 

If you would like delivery and installation, please select Pick-Up in the check-out options and include a note. The installers will contact you.

$350 for installation.
$130 for delivery.
($480 total)

(2 people required for installation.)

What's required before installation?

  • A flat-level surface (eg. Concrete slab or decking).
  • Suitable power point access. 
  • Simple access to the installation location (eg. minimal stairs, wide access down pathways).

What does the installation include?

  • Uncrating of all timber crates.
  • Installation of water feature.
  • Rubbish removal of timber crates and cardboard.

Additional service costs:

  • Concrete slab foundation
  • Electrical (power point installation) 
  • Plumbing (automatic top-up system)
  • Lighting 

If you're unsure your location fulfills any of the conditions above, please contact us on (03) 9317 7924 to discuss. 

If you want to install yourself, please find some tips below.

We recommend you put the pump in the pond first
Then cut the ribbed tube in half.
Attach the two way director into the pump & add one tube to the left and one tube to the right.
Then cut the tube approx. 15cm from the director on both sides & insert the tap on each side & then insert the rest of the tube on the other side of the tap.
Put the plate on & thread the ribbed tube through the 2 holes in the plate.
Under the figure 8(Infinity symbol) connect a director on the left & one on the right.
Then get 2 men to lift the figure 8 up & get a 3rd person to connect the tube to the directors under figure 8 and put the figure up down.
Then place the round bowl in the middle of the figure 8(You may need to pack it a bit to make it level as concrete on concrete may have variations on the bottom.
Then finally connect the 2 bowls on top. Place some plumbers Teflon on the directors underneath & then screw them in gently.(Don’t force them too hard as that may break the director)
Fill up with water & turn fountain on.
We also recommend that you should place the fountain on a flat/level concrete slab.


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Please allow at least 1 week processing time.

If your order is time sensitive, please contact us.
(03) 9317 7924 or