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Pond & Water Feature Pumps

We stock a diverse range of submersible pond & water feature pumps, from small tabletop sizes up to large commercial grade pumps. Explore our range of efficient and reliable pond pumps to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your pond or water feature. Our pumps are easy to install, requiring minimal effort for setup. Whether you're just beginning with projects or or an experienced landscaper, we have the pump for you.

How To Choose The Right Water Pump

Flow Rate (L/hr):

The size of your pump is determined by the flow rate, described in 'litres per hour'. A small tabletop water feature will be within 200-500 litres per hour. A typical garden feature will be 1000-2000 litres per hour, with large water features running at 4000 litres per hour. The head height is the vertical distance the pump can push water, which is directly influenced by the flow rate of the pump.

Brand Reputation & Reviews:

There is a common truth in any retail purchase, 'You get what your pay for'. Purchasing a pump from a trustworthy manufacturer will save a lot of heartache in the future. We recommend & stock Reefe Pumps & PondMAX Pumps. Their warranties and service is professional and outstanding, which is why we prefer working with their pumps.