How long will my order take?
Orders can currently take between 8-10 weeks, if not longer. Due to Coronavirus, there has been a large delay on shipping from overseas.

What plumbing is required for a fountain?
None. Water Features and Fountains use a submersible pump to circulate water.

Are pumps included with the fountains?
Yes, all our fountains come with pump included, unless specified on the product page.

Where does the pump go?
The pump is set up in the pond or reservoir, submerged under water, connected to tubing to cycle the water flow.

Can I use this fountain indoors/outdoors?
You can generally use any fountain wherever you want, just be aware. Indoor fountains may be susceptible to weathering, outdoor fountains may need a solid base. Contact us for more information.

Can I use a solar pump? What about at night?
Most fountains can be upgraded to use a solar pump, with a battery backup to run at night time. Some larger fountains cannot be upgraded, as the pump is too large.

I want to setup a custom fountain.
Great! We have pumps available for your project, and you can contact us for any water feature information. Unfortunately, we don't sell feature parts separately. Contact a landscaper or architect for more assistance with this project.

Can I keep water plants in my fountain?
Of course! We stock plenty of water plants that are suitable for use in ponds and fountains.

Can I keep fish in my fountain?
Yes you can! We've found tadpoles in our fountains surviving just fine! There is only a risk if you have a very large fountain with very small fish in the pond. Ask us for more information.

How do I keep my fountain clean?
You can use some lightweight cleaning products (we stock a few) for maintenance, but your best bet is to empty your fountain and hose it down for a proper deep clean.