Classical Tiered Fountain Installation Guide

This guide is for concrete water features that are using a pond. If you are looking to purchase your first water feature, please check out our First Time Buyer's Guide

The following guide is a general outline for installing the following fountains; Hampton Fountain, Anniversary Fountain, Milano Fountain, Two Tier Dove Fountain

The general idea of assembling this fountain is that you will be building it from the bottom-up.
As you assemble the fountain and feed the hose through, silicone the pieces together to prevent unwanted leakages. 
  1. Ensure you're working on a flat-level base before setting up the fountain. We recommend a concrete slab for this. If the fountain is not level, your water will not flow evenly.

  2. Place your pond on the flat-level base.

  3. Place the pump housing in the center of the pond (it's the concrete part with an opening).

  4. Put the pump with the hose connected inside the pond, and feed the hose through the top side of the pump housing.

  5. Place the pedestal on the top of the pump housing, and feed the hose up.

  6. Place the large bowl on top of the pedestal while feeding the hose up.

  7. Repeat this process all the way up to the top tier.

  8. If your hose is too long and sticks out from the top, either adjust where the pump is sitting, or cut the tip of the hose at a 30° angle. 

  9. Place the concrete surrounds on the outside of the pond (if provided).

  10. Fill the pond with water, more than enough to submerge the pump.

  11. Connect the pump to power, and turn it on