Aqua Falls Installation Guide

The following installation guide is for the Aqua Falls Fountain. If you are having any difficulties or have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Place the pond reservoir onto your flat level base.
  • Place the pedestal into the pond with the opening facing the back of your fountain. This is where you can access the pump and tubing.
  • Connect the large bowl to the pedestal.
  • Place the medium spacer into the large tier bowl.
  • Connect the medium bowl to the spacer.
  • Place the small spacer into the medium tier bowl.
  • Screw in the threaded director (from your pump box) into the bottom of the small bowl.
  • Connect the tubing onto the director.
  • Feed the tubing down the centre of the water feature down to the pond.
  • Connect your pump to the tubing and leave the pump within the pond.
  • Check the leveling of each tier, as an unlevel fountain will not flow evenly. Wedge plastic packers if additional leveling is required.
  • Fill your pond with water, at least enough to fully submerge the pump and then connect your pump to power.
  • Switch the pump on, and enjoy your hard work.