Rapid Falls Log Fountain

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Bring a sense of natural tranquility to your garden with this striking woodland inspired water feature. Two pools are nestled within the trunk while water gently pours between them before being recycled back up to the top pool. With two integrated LED cluster lights, this feature is a striking addition to your garden both by day and night. Constructed from polyresin for extra durability, this water feature has been finished by hand to look just like real wood. This feature is self contained, saving you time and money as there’s no need to purchase or dig an external reservoir. This also means that it can go almost anywhere in your garden.

Woodland design – This water feature has been designed to resemble a hollow tree trunk, making it a gorgeous natural addition to your garden.

Comes with LED lights – This feature comes with an LED cluster light, which illuminates the water and makes this water feature perfect for using at night.

High quality polyresin construction – Polyresin is a durable yet lightweight material, making it easy to position your water feature wherever you like.

Fully self contained – Completely self contained, this water feature can be placed almost anywhere in the garden without needing to purchase or dig an external reservoir.

Dimensions (cm):
H133 x W64 x D53


Comes with 10m power cable and LED lights.