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Vasili's Citrus Guard White Spray 200g

Vasili's Citrus Guard White Spray 200g

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In Australia, citrus is grown in regions where high summer temperatures are common. Air temperatures exceeding 28°C can cause trees to shut down, thereby stopping photosynthesis and stunting growth. Canopy temperature can be reduced by up to 8°C using a CGWS program, which in turn reduces overall stress on the tree. Over the hot summer months, this can mean a significant improvement in the growth of young trees which in turn come into production earlier than would otherwise occur.
Ultimately a CGWS program provides the opportunity for earlier fruit production which can significantly improve the financial viability of new citrus plantings.  

Attack of the Citrus Gall Wasp
These nasty little pests can go unnoticed causing unrepairable damage to your citrus trees.
Citrus Gall Wasp lay their eggs just beneath the surface of the citrus tree branch, acting as a host for the larvae to nest and grow inside the branch while feeding on the tree's sap flow.
These nests cause a tremendous amount of stress to the tree, causing swelling of the branch and restricting the sap flow to the outer limbs.
Allowing these pests to continue to grow and nest, will reduce the tree's life span and provide you with little to no fruit.
The most susceptible are the lemon trees, followed by orange, lime, and, mandarin.

Application rate

Fortnightly to monthly applications is required and applied to the point of runoff (drenched).

 When to apply

Begin in late winter through until early Autumn or apply when the weather is consistently over 20 degrees.

Initial application

Using a small container, slowly mix 50g (3 Tbspn) of CGW Spray powder per 1 litre of water while constantly stirring to prevent clotting.

Add mixed contents into the sprayer bottle, seal then shake vigorously to ensure contents are mixed thoroughly.

Additional applications

Apply 14 to 28 days apart

Add 25g (1½ Tbspn) of CGW Spray powder per 1 litre of water. (Follow mixing method as per initial application instructions above.)

At the completion of the application, flush sprayers with clean water.

Precautionary Statements:

May cause slight eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause irritation to the respiratory system.

Always wear dust/filtering masks before handling the product.

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